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Success Stories


I came to A Therapeutic Effect to receive acute care for an injured neck muscle.  After consultation, chiropractic care and massage therapy, I'm living a more comfortable and pain free life.  All thanks to the holistic care I received here.


I came to Dr. Andrew several months ago because a friend suggested I try chiropractic treatment for severe arthritis in my knee.  My orthopaedist was suggesting a partial knee replacement and I'm only 42.  I had daily pain from the bone on bone in my right knee and I wasn’t able to perform many of my normal activities without pain.  Within weeks of chiropractic treatment, I had relief in my knee and I am even now starting to run again, slowly.  This treatment has been life-changing for me, as I had almost given up on living a normal life without pain.  I will continue with chiropractic maintenance for the rest of my life.


The colonic treatment is heaven-sent!  It gives such a huge relief, especially when I don't feel good in my gut and am constipated.  Her treatments helped me a great deal in my struggle against candida overgrowth!


Since I have started regular chiropractic care with Dr. Andrew, I have felt a major improvement in my overall health.  Not only am I now living with less pain, but I have not been getting as sick as I used to.  As a teacher, I am exposed to just about everything when it comes to germs and since I have started my regular visits to A Therapeutic Effect, I haven't gotten sick nearly as many times as I have in the past!  It's great!  It's like my body is running efficiently again!  I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone!


I was suffering from some lower back pain that was affecting me with my daily activities.  Even sitting and walking were tough at times.  With Dr. Andrew's help, I have been able to get back my quality of life.


I was in terrible pain and had to be seen three times a week for quite some time.  Dr. Andrew was very patient and worked with me for a little over a year consistently.  I am now healthy and only need an adjustment once a month!  Thank you, Dr. Andrew!


I was recommended to A Therapeutic Effect by a close family friend after experiencing some back pain during my senior cross country season.  However, I was a little skeptical regarding chiropractic care before my experience.  My first appointment was very informative and Dr. Ashton appeased my previous apprehension.  I was diagnosed with mild sciatica and I was treated very quickly, starting at three visits a week.  Throughout the season, my symptoms progressively dissipated and I felt as if I was back to full health.  Dr. Ashton continued to treat me throughout the winter to be sure that my lower back was fully stabilized and that I would be full force for my spring track season.  I have had no injuries that have sidelined me since being treated at A Therapeutic Effect and my performances have drastically improved.  I went from a 17:15 5K to a 16:40 5K within two months.  Without the help of Dr. Ashton, my senior running career would have ended in the fall.  Any athlete, regardless of sport, needs to have regular chiropractic care because of the amazing benefits it reaps.  The staff is extremely cordial and inviting and I would recommend A Therapeutic Effect to everyone. 


I came to A Therapeutic Effect in July 2013 seeking relief from a back injury I had sustained about eight months prior.  Since the injury, my lower back had been causing me discomfort at most points throughout the day, every day.  After trying another practice and not seeing results after seven weeks, I lost faith in chiropractic care and stopped going to my appointments.  A few months later, I was referred to A Therapeutic Effect.  Within the first week of care at A Therapeutic Effect, I began to see positive results in how my body was feeling.  Andrew and his staff were not only able to heal my injury but other symptoms such as headaches and neck pain went away as well.  Over the last three months, I have been feeling better each week.  Thank you to Andrew and his staff!


I was waking up multiple times during the night and unable to go back to sleep.  Since treatments, I have been sleeping better.  Also much less tightness in upper back and shoulders. 


The colonics are pretty amazing and I would highly recommend A Therapeutic Effect to handle this service!  


Over the last two years of coming here, I have noticed great benefits - clearer skin, less bloat, more energy and feeling recharged the next day!  I have hypothyroidism and suffer from regular constipation, so making quarterly appointments have made a world of difference for my overall well-being.  A+ service!


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