Massage offers a wide range of benefits including boosting the immune system, easing pain, and improving circulation. In addition to stress relief and promoting relaxation, massage can aid with a variety of health issues such as neck pain, low back pain, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, and many more.  


To maximize the benefits of massage, we recommend a 60, 90, or 120 minute session when possible. A 30 minute session is sufficient for targeting one or two problem areas, only, and pairs well with a chiropractic adjustment for enhanced benefits. Call us today to schedule a massage customized to your individual needs 717 285 9955. We offer appointments Monday through Saturday.

 THE Signature EFFECT 

 THE Signature CBD EFFECT 

A 75 minute massage with a mini hot or cold stone treatment, eye pillow, and Hempfield Botanicals CBD oil $110

A 75 minute massage with a mini hot or cold stone treatment, eye pillow, and seasonally scented lotion $100



  • Aromatherapy  $5

  • Bamboo Bliss Partial Body $15 | Whole Body $30

  • CBD Spot $5 | Partial Body $15 | Whole Body $20 

  • Chakra Balancing  $30

  • Cupping  $15

  • Gua Sha  $15

  • Hot Towels  $15

  • Infrared Heat Therapy Pad  $15

  • Paraffin Hand $10 | Feet $15 | Combo $23

  • Reflexology  $30

Enhance any massage with your choice of add-on services.  Please note, certain add-on services are available only with a specific therapist.  Just let us know what you'd like to add-on and we'll be sure to schedule you with the appropriate massage therapist!


​30 min $45 ​| 60 min $75
90 min $105 | 120 min $140

A Blend massage is a combination of basic relaxation and deep tissue massage, which will address an individual’s problem area while providing an overall relaxing experience.


60 min  $160 ​| 90 min  $220

Add Hot Stones  $35 (each)

Our couple's retreat has been designed to provide a calm, quiet, and elegant space for couples or friends to escape and enjoy a massage together.  An aromatherapy eye pillow and paraffin hand dip accompany your choice of deep tissue, blended, or relaxation massage.  


60 min  $95 ​| 90 min  $115

CBD's anti-inflammatory properties paired with a massage creates a powerful combination.  CBD is effective in reducing pain and stress, while augmenting the benefits of massage.  We proudly use Hempfield Botanical's potent and pure CBD products.  


30 min  $45 ​| 60 min  $75
90 min  $105 | 120 min $140

Deep Tissue massage is a technique that focuses on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue. It incorporates deep and direct pressure also known as trigger point therapy, to help release muscle tightness, remove toxins, decrease scar tissue and improve blood and oxygen circulation.


60 min  $110 ​| 90 min  $140

Hot Stone massage is a deeply soothing and relaxing specialty massage that uses smooth heated stones of various shapes and sizes. The heat from the stones warms and relaxes muscles, which allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure.


60 min  $75

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a light, slow and rhythmic form of massage used to stimulate the movement of lymphatic fluid towards the lymph plexi.  MLD nourishes, strengthens and regenerates cells of the body; it also helps with waste removal and excess fluid buildup. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is great to use in conjunction with colon hydrotherapy.


30 min  $45 ​| 60 min  $75
90 min  $105 | 120 min $140

Myofascial Release is a hands on, soft touch massage technique that provides sustained pressure into restrictive tissue to eliminate pain and increase range of motion.


60 min  $75​ ​| 90 min  $105

Pre-Natal massage is therapeutic bodywork which focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be.  Just as the mom and baby share the constantly changing pregnant body they also share the therapeutic benefits of massage.


One Session  $45

Reflexology is a branch of massage that targets specific points on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet to increase blood flow to organs and systems of the body, and may aid in the reduction of calcium deposits.

Lancaster Sinus Massage, Lancaster Indian Head Massage, Lancaster Allergies


One Session  $45

Sinus/Indian Head massage is used specifically for acute and chronic sinus problems.  By applying pressure to certain points on the head, neck, and shoulders sinus congestion may be diminished.


30 min  $45 ​| 60 min  $75
90 min  $105 | 120 min $140

Our Basic Relaxation massage is a very relaxing, soothing and stress relieving massage.  Benefits include an increase in blood circulation, relaxation of tight muscles and calming and centering of the mind.


​30 min  $45 ​| 60 min  $75

Sports massage is geared towards athletes of every kind. The focus of this massage is specific to the athletes’ sport of choice. It can be used as a means to enhance training, maximize performance potential, and reduce recovery time following athletic competition.

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