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Hyperice and Normatec


The Hyperice/Normatec family of recovery products will help your body recover faster from workouts or competition, and allow you to compete harder and at a higher level sooner. This cutting edge recovery technology completes the training regimen along with exercise and diet to allow athletes to excel and succeed while accentuating the natural healing and recuperative capabilities of the body. Cryotherapy coupled with compression ushers out lactic acid and inflammation, heat combined with vibration loosens muscles and stimulates circulation, while percussive therapy provides massage on-the-go to keep you in pique readiness. Anyone from the novice to the elite athlete will benefit from any and all of these modalities.



Hyperice combines compression and cryotherapy.  Available for:

  • Shoulder

  • Mid/low back

  • Knee

  • Ankle

Venom combines compression with heat and vibration.  Available for: 

  • Shoulder

  • Low back

  • Leg (knee, quad, hamstring, calves)

Normatec creates compression as well as vibration to assist with circulation and quicker recovery.  Available for:

  • Arms 

  • Hips

  • Legs


Viper 2.0 is a muscle roller that provides vibration and heat for larger muscles and muscle groups.


Hypersphere provides vibration and heat for use in smaller areas and/or trigger points.

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