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Happy BACK to School: Backpack Safety

Back to school season is officially upon us, and with that comes the problem of heavy backpacks. This issue runs from kids in kindergarten all the way to kids in college. With heavy workloads and text books, that can weigh as much as a newborn baby, it is no wonder that kid’s backs are starting to hurt at younger and younger ages. No worries though because back pain can be prevented and we want to give you a few tips on how to fix it!

What Kids Can Do

  1. Keep books that you don’t need in lockers or desks. This way you can cut down on the number of items in your backpack along with the weight of it.

  2. Wearing your backpack properly is very important. Using two straps and making sure you take advantage of all the compartments in your backpack to evenly distribute everything will drastically cut down on back pain.

  3. Make sure you are picking your backpack up properly. When lifting your backpack it should be from the knees, and not from the lower back.

  4. If you can use e-books rather than text books, utilize that option.

What Teachers Can Do

  1. Educate your students on the proper way to carry and lift their backpacks. Knowing the right way to use and lift backpacks can help decrease back pain in kids.

  2. Give students a little more time to use their lockers during or between classes so they can store more books/items in them.

  3. This goes for teachers as well. If you can use e-books rather than text books, utilize that option

ATE wants to make sure everyone has an amazing and safe school year. If you do find yourself in a back pain situation, don’t be afraid to stop by our office to see Dr. Andrew!

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