ATE Feature Friday

May 26, 2017

We are back with another Feature Friday, and will be featuring, Kelsey, one of our massage therapists.  Kelsey is a graduate of Frankfort High School.  She spent a year traveling before moving to York County where she attended Baltimore School of Massage. She has also been with ATE for the past few months!  Let's find out more about Kelsey!

1. What is your favorite part about being a Massage Therapist?


I love being a Massage Therapist because I am able to help feel better instantly!


2. Do you have any tips for people with back pain?


When my back is hurting me, I do some gentle yoga.  I also use a foam roller, and get an adjustment by Dr. Andrew!


3. What do you like to do outside of ATE?


Outside of ATE I enjoy being outside in the woods, hanging out with friends, seeing live music, and relaxing outside in my hammock reading a great book.  I also love spending time with my family whenever I get the chance!


4. If someone was coming in for their first massage, what advice would you give them?


I would recommend that they know in depth their medical history and anything that may be bothering them that day.  This way we can pin point exactly what is bothering that person and work on that area.  I also suggest that clients be vocal and communicate any discomforts during their massage, and drink plenty of water after they are done with their massage!

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