Have you heard of or tried the super-beverage, kombucha? People have been reaping the tremendous health benefits from this beverage for thousands of years, but it has recently been gaining popularity again. Kombucha is a fizzy fermented beverage made of black tea and sugar that is often referred to as "mushroom tea." Kombucha is not made from mushrooms, but the bacteria and yeast that grow on top of the beverage resembles a mushroom. When combined with sugar, the colony of bacteria and yeast are responsible for initiating the fermentation process. After fermenting, kombucha becomes carbonated and contains vinegar, b-vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and a high concentration of acid (acetic,

Olympic Athletes and Chiropractic Care

You may think that Olympic Athletes just continually practice, practice, practice to become the amazing athletes that they are. While this is true, many people don't think about the constant self-care that makes up a huge part of these athletes' training routines. Throughout history, athletes have used strength training, conditioning, stretching, massage therapy and other therapies to help them stay strong, healthy, and maintain peak performance. Many athletes, whether they practice their sport professionally or recreationally, use chiropractic care to help them achieve optimal wellness and peak performance. Although chiropractic care is a relatively modern practice, just being developed i

Olympic Athletes and Massage Therapy

It's no surprise that Olympic athletes are extremely hard on their bodies. To become an Olympian, these young athletes have to train for years, for hours every day. To be successful and have longevity in their athletic career, these athletes make taking care of their bodies a vital part of their training. Athletes focus on conditioning, stretching, strength training, and having proper nutrition. Even when they do all of the right things, athletes know that injury can happen, and it can put an immediate end to their Olympic dreams. This is why many athletes have turned to massage therapy to help them stay healthy and injury free, reduce recovery time when there is an injury, and reach th

Cupping Therapy

What are those round bruises that Michael Phelps and other Olympic athletes have all over their bodies? If you’ve been watching the Olympic Games, you may have noticed some strange, weird bruises on the backs and arms of some athletes, particularly swimmers. So what are these strange marks? Are the athletes adding their own “Olympic Rings” to their bodies? This is from Cupping Therapy. Cupping Therapy has been practiced for thousands of years with roots in Egypt, China, and Greece. This is a suction therapy that that has been used throughout history to help a number of ailments. In ancient cultures, bones, animal horns, seashells, nuts, bamboo, and gourds were used to “purge bites, pus

Share YOUR Success Story!

During the Olympic broadcast over the next few weeks, we will hear lots of “Success Stories” about how Olympians got where they are today. These stories inspire, encourage and bring hope to people. To celebrate the Olympics, we invite you to share your personal “Success Story” to help encourage and inspire others on their own wellness journey! How has A Therapeutic Effect helped you on your wellness journey? Has pain been reduced? Do you have more energy? Is your stress reduced? Are you able to do an activity you weren’t able to do before? Just ask for a “Success Story” page at the front desk and we will be honored to share your story in our Success Stories binder in our office and on our w

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